Старая Русса / Staraya Russa - 1885-1901

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Россия на дореволюционных фотографиях
Старая Русса

Russia in pre-revolutionary photographs
Staraya Russa
1885 -1901

0:00 Гарцская канарейка (Б. Шиллер)
2:29 Мечты (Е. Маринетти)
Ансамбль солистов Академического оркестра русских народных инструментов Центрального телевидения и Всесоюзного радио под руководством Евгения Новикова..

0:00 The Harz Canary (B. Schiller)
2:29 Dreams (E. Marinetti)
The ensemble of soloists of the Academic Orchestra of Russian Folk Instruments of the Central Television and All-Union Radio under the direction of Evgeny Novikov.

Staraya Russa is an ancient town, believed to have originated in the mid-10th century and known simply as Rusa. The town was one of three main towns of the Novgorod Republic, alongside Pskov and Ladoga.
originally enclosed in wooden fortification, the towns fortifications were twice burnt down., These were replaced in by a stone fortress...
By the end of the 15th century the town had a thriving salt works due to brine springs in the locality. In 1478, it was incorporated into the Grand Duchy of Moscow together with Novgorod. The word Staraya (Old) was prefixed to the name in the 15th century, to distinguish it from newer settlements called Russa. Nevertheless, the current name firmly established only in the 19th century, when the salt mining settlements around the town became collectively known as Novaya Russa (New Russa)......
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